Monday, October 21, 2013

Pangasinan 2013: Bolinao

Since this year, I have a lot of bills to pay that's why I choose not to travel far from metro. :( and my boyfriend haven't filed his leave this year, we decided to have a short (weekend) vacation in the north and we chose Bolinao Pangasinan :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Coron Itinerary and Expenses

Itinerary and Expenses (as of April 2011)

Puerto Princesa Itinerary and Expenses

Check my Puerto Princesa photos :)
*Puerto Princesa Getaway: Day 01*
*Puerto Princesa Getaway: Day 02*
*Puerto Princesa Getaway: Day 03*

Itinerary and Expenses (as of April 2011)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lucban, Quezon 2013: Kamay ni Hesus

In Catholic Church, Holy week is the last week of Lent and before Easter. For Catholics like me, it's our way of remembering the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who dies for our sins. And this is also the way of others to spend time to their respective families and to travel (yeah!) because it's a long weekend (starts Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday) :). Even I love to spend holidays in traveling, I choose not to go out of town during this season and everyone knows that in this season, there's a lot of tourist everywhere (for some reason, I don't wanna spend a vacation with crowded place). I am a devoted Catholic and this is the way of my sacrifice/fasting :) (Well, I spent holy week last 2011 in Palawan but I made sure that I've practiced doing our tradition). :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Albay 2013: Cagsawa Ruins and Guinobatan

*Bicolandia Getaway 2013: Calaguas*

Albay is my father's home town (specifically, he's from Manito, Albay, approximately 45 minutes jeepney ride from Legaspi City) and I've been there countless times. But surprisingly, even we visited in Manito, I've never been in Cagsawa Ruins, one of the most visited place in Albay which located only in Daraga, Albay (just an hour drive from Manito). And the funny thing is, even my father, never had a chance to go to Cagsawa Ruins (though he goes to Manito yearly, kulit di ba?). hahaha! 

Couple of days before our Calaguas trip, my friend Gelene told me that her mother wants us to visit their house in Guinobatan after our trip. My initial plan was after Calaguas, we are going to try surfing in Bagasbas Beach which is located in Daet (that I want to try it sooooo badly). But later on, we end up going to Guinobatan. :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Camarines Norte 2013: Calaguas

*Bicolandia Getaway 2013: Cagsawa Ruins and Guinobatan*

One of my travel bucket list this 2013 is to explore the unspoiled beaches in the Philippines. I read a lot of travel blogs and type on Google search engine the places where tourists rare to visit. Calaguas is the most and recommended beach and it compares to Boracay's powdery sand.  I searched  how to go to Camarines Norte and blogger's recommended contacts and boatman. I was thinking of availing tour packages for hassle free trip. But I prepared DIY (Do-it-yourself) itinerary and estimated budget for this trip (I always love to do because I can save a lot) and compared it with the rate of tour packages, we saved almost P1,500 to DIY. Since we are tight in budget, we stick to our own itinerary. :) Yey! 

 Despite of long long long hours of travel, it's really worth it when you get in Calaguas. :) Let the photos below described you how we fell in love with Calaguas :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Misamis Oriental 2012: Camiguin

*Misamis Oriental 2012 : Bukidnon (Camp Phillips and Dahilayan Adventure Park)*
*Camiguin Getaway 2014

The splash and adrenaline rush of white river rafting in CDO was one of the awesome experience ever! And on next day, we are deserve to have a nature tripping and relaxing adventure in Camiguin :). I researched travel blogs and reviews and found the most recommended tour guide in Camiguin and I don't have any  regrets to choose him as our host guide in the province. I highly recommended Kuya Teddy Pabualan for Camiguin tour. For inquiries, visit their facebook page: CAMIGUIN TOUR or their TOUR BLOG or contact him directly at 0939-2440521/ 0917-5219391 . He will love to entertain and answer your inquiries :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Misamis Oriental 2012: Cagayan De Oro (1st Rafting Adventure)

*Misamis Oriental 2012 : Bukidnon (Camp Phillips and Dahilayan Adventure Park)*
*Misamis Oriental 2012: Camiguin*

After the adventure in Dahilayan Adventure, we have scheduled white river rafting in the afternoon. When we arrived in CDO, we had a very quick lunch and prepare our rash guards for our next adrenaline rush! That was my second time to do river rafting (the first was in Davao) and I am so confident about it, unlike Yeng, hahahaha! He looks quite worried. hahahaha! The 1st Rafting Adventure was our host for this rafting. They fetch us at the hotel and one crew (sorry, I forgot his name) told us that we will  fetch other group also from other hotel. They are 7 people. They are "barkadas" so for the entire trip going to the rafting area, they teasing each other and that's funny about them.. They're cool!!! hahahaha!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Misamis Oriental 2012 : Bukidnon (Camp Phillips and Dahilayan Adventure Park)

*Misamis Oriental 2012: Cagayan De Oro (1st Rafting Adventure)*
*Misamis Oriental 2012: Camiguin*

CDO-BUKIDNON-CAMIGUIN escapade! We booked last November 2011 of seat sale cost P11 in Zest Air. We got P 2,500 round trip all in for two persons. Lucky right? But last June 2012, a call center agent called up and informed me that our flight for CDO on September 2012 will be cancelled due to management responsibility and I can get a refund. Oh no! Good thing I had to booked in AirPhil on next day a promo sale also. It cost little bit of higher compared to Zest air and it's ok. Rather than to keep myself uptight thinking about that Zest air inconvenience! Duh! Months of preparing, I did a 5days 4 nights DIY itinerary for this trip, I'd read travel blogs and contacted personal recommended activities and tour organizer of bloggers. Together with my travel buddy, and boyfriend Yeng, fly fly fly to Mindanao! :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ilocos 2012: Day 2 (Cape Bojeador, Bangui Windmills and Pagudpud)

*Ilocandia Getaway 2012: Day 01*

On our second day in Ilocos, we woke up at 5:00am to prepare for our next itinerary. Allizon provided a van (from her tita, THANK YOU PO!!!) for the trip. We departed at 7:00 am and LET'S GO!!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ilocos 2012: Day 1 (Vigan, Baluarte and Paoay)

*Ilocandia Getaway 2012: Day 02*

We decided to pursue this trip after holyweek because we're very sure that plenty of tourist will went to their own vacation. This was the first trip with my very good college friends, Gelene and Jacks. Together with Jack's friends, Nicko, Joan, and Jacky (Jack's twin sister), we will invaded Ilocandia! Good thing that Allizon (Jacky's boyfriend) let us stay on their family house in Batac, Ilocos Norte for the trip. Yey! Our accomodation is FREE!!!! :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Norzagaray, Bulacan: Bridge Rappelling and Free Fall Activity

Since I am an adventure-seeker born, I said YES when my friend Philip (the Promotor :)) invited me and the rest of our friends in SFC in bridge rappelling in Bulacan. Just a day of outdoor and extreme activity. I feel so excited to try rappelling. The activity was organized by the TEA ZONE (facebook group page) led by Kuya Marc Gana. :)
(C) Marc Gana

Monday, May 27, 2013

Cebu 2012: Cebu City Tour

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We arrived at Gran Tierra hotel late aftenoon from Bantayan Island. We just a quick rest and stroll around the place and meet up my cousin Louie, who's working in Cebu. We need to wake up early for a half day city tour :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cebu 2012: Bantayan Island

It's almost 1 hour travel time by sea from the island of Bohol to Cebu. After of Panglao escapade, I went also to Cebu for our Bantayan Island and Cebu City tour with my BossLove (Ariel, aka Yeng :) ). I made an itinerary for this and with the help of my dear cousin, Louie,who based and working in Cebu to list down the places where we can explore within the city. Thanks couz :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bohol 2012: Day 1 (Countryside Tour)

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Just like last year, right after of ICON (International Conference) of SFC and was held in Bohol, we planned to explore and side trip to one famous destination in country. Oh well, before the conference starts, Philip, Denz, Sol and Kuya Gary arrives earlier and they decided to have a country side tour that morning ,without me?!!!! hahaha! (my flight that day was 1:00pm and as usual, it's delayed and I didn't make it.. envy  :( ) hmmmp!!! So, I will blog our Panglao countryside tour and Island hopping instead!!

Our conference ended as usual at lunch time, we went back to hotel, packed up our things and with us, a CFC Couple Coordinator tita rented a van to have our country side tour at Panglao. We travel less than an hour from Tagbilaran (town proper) to Panglao. :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Davao 2011: Day 3

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from Charm's cam :)

Davao 2011: Day 2

You may like the series:  Davao 2011 : Day 1
                                      Davao 2011: Day 3

It's our second day in Davao! We woke up 6:00am to prepare for an ultimate adventure! Packed our stuff and ready to go!!!! hahaha!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Davao 2011: Day 1

You may like the series:  Davao 2011: Day 2
                                     Davao 2011: Day 3

Last July 2011 when I browsed the Cebpac site, I saw a P99 fare promo, I called Charm to booked for our Davao tour. hahaha! Since that was the first time I booked a flight, some circumstances happened unexpected. hahaha! I booked also Derick and JM with me and found out that I got more expensive fare than Charm booked with his brother Jeff and Mazee (Jeff's gf). hahaha! Sorry for that Derick and JM! hahaha! Charm, Jeff and Mazee got the 5:00 am flight while me, Derick and JM got the 8:00am. :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Caramoan Itinerary and Expenses

Caramoan Island Photos :) 

*Caramoan Island Getaway 2011*

Caramoan and CWC Itinerary and Expenses (as of February 2011)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mt. Batulao 2011

My friend Kring invited me to a day trek at Mt. Batulao with Jesse on first week of September. Transportation  is not a problem because Jesse has his own car and driver, (Ikaw na! hehehe). A night before of trek, the rain poured over, Kring texted and told me if the rain continuous till dawn, we will cancel the hike. I set my alarmed at 3:30am and luckily, there's no rain already! Yey! :) Prepared my packed lunch for trekking and go!!!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sagada 2011

Sagada is one of the most visited tourist spots in the Philippines. For the mountain trekking enthusiast, this must be the place you will enjoy.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Zambales 2011: Day 2

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On our 2nd day, due to more heavy rains and very very high waves, we decided not to pursue our island hopping.. :( And we must check out 1:00PM. So, we cooked our breakfast and continue our beach volleyball!

While waiting for breakfast, Kuya Gary and Jacky is playing on the sand.. hahaha!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Zambales 2011: Day 1 (Philip's Birthday)

Zambales: Day 2

Last June 2011, we are agreed to go to Nagsasa Cove as per request of the birthday boy, Philip :) This is the first time to go on camp! Sleeping on tent! Excited! :)

Our call time was 5am and when everybody's arrived, we rode a jeepney going to Starmall Alabang. :) We looked for the ATM to withdraw cash for the trip.
On board..

Coron 2011: Day 3 (more Island hopping!!!!)

*Coron Getaway 2011: Day 01*
*Coron Getaway 2011: Day 02*
*Coron 4days and 3nights Itinerary and Expenses*

 On our 3rd day, we just continue our island hopping in Coron and enjoy the beach and the nature :)

Coron 2011: Day 2 (Island Hopping/Lake hopping 1)

*Coron Getaway 2011: Day 01*
*Coron Getaway 2011: Day 03*
*Coron 4days and 3nights Itinerary and Expenses*

We woke up early and prepare for our island hopping!!!

Kuya was preparing for the stairs :)

Coron 2011: Day 1 (Countryside Tour)

*Coron Getaway 2011: Day 02*
*Coron Getaway 2011: Day 03*
*Coron 4days and 3 nights Itinerary and Expenses*

Monday, March 4, 2013

Puerto Princesa 2011: Day 3 (Island hopping)

*Puerto Princesa Getaway: Day 01*
*Puerto Princesa Getaway: Day 02*
*Puerto Princesa 4days and 3nights Itinerary and Expenses*

Our last day in Puerto Princesa, originally, we're gonna stay here for 4 days, but in unexpected circumtances, we're gonna leave soon heading to Coron! yay! So, in this day, we are going to Island hopping baby!!!! :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Puerto Princesa 2011: Day 2 (Underground River (Subterranean River) Tour)

*Puerto Princesa Getaway: Day 01*
*Puerto Princesa Getaway: Day 03*
*Puerto Princesa 4days and 3nights Itinerary and Expenses*

This is our 2nd day tour to Puerto Princesa! And we are going to Underground River! Ito ang isa mga mga New 7 Wonders of Nature lang naman! Hahaha! When we went there, nasa finalist pa lang ang underground river, dagsa na ang mga tourist (partida). Eh what more ngayon na nasa list na siya ng New 7 wonders?Be proud!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Puerto Princesa 2011: Day 1 (Counrtyside Tour)

*Puerto Princesa Getaway 2011: Day 02*
*Puerto Princesa Getaway 2011: Day 03*
*Puerto Princesa 4days and 3nights Itinerary and Expenses*

I spent my 2011 Holy week in Palawan!!! Yay! So excited because it's my first time to ride on the airplane! (Oh yes! hahaha!) We will gonna explore the famous places in Palawan: Puerto Princesa and Coron :)

Here are the photos in Puerto Prinsesa Day 1. :)

Plane ticket via ZestAir :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Naga City and CWC Tour 2011

After of our SFC International Conference (ICON) held in CWC Complex last February 2011, as usual, we had chance to visit and stroll around the city and tried wake boarding at CWC! :)

Naga Cathedral