Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mindoro 2013: Puerto Galera

A short weekend escape from the noise of Metro. Puerto Galera is the best quick getaway. Luckily, I am living down south of the Metro Manila and it's very accessible to go to Puerto Galera. :) Katzy (female friend) message me thru skype (that day was Thursday) that she wants to "soul searching" thing (haha). We were discussing where to go, either in Baguio, or Batangas, and/or Zambales are the first choices, hahaha! And we ended up with Puerto Galera (Wala sa choice). hahaha

As I've said above that Puerto Galera is very accessible to us residing down south, this is my first time to go there (in fairness). In just two days we planned for that quick escape. We just decided not to get reservation and just find resort when we get there. Okay! That was the first time I didn't plan an itinerary. hahaha..

Our Skype conversation. hahaha! (Sorry Katzy! lol)

See? hahahaha!

Anyway, that weekend came and we meet at 6:00am of December 07 and rode jeep going to Alabang. We took our breakfast when we arrived in Alabang at 6:30am. After breakfast at 7:00am, we walked to South Station Terminal and rode a bus going to Batangas Pier. Travel time takes 1.5 hrs. 

As we reached the pier, we bought roundtrip ticket in Minolo Shipping Lines, paid environment and terminal fees and wait for 8:30am departure. Puerto!!! :)

Katzy and Me.. hehehe

Prayer for the safe voyage :)

On board going to Puerto Galera :)

We just take a nap while travelling to the island. After of almost 3 hrs of ferry ride, we arrived at Muelle. We rode on a free shuttle going to White Beach (c/o Minolo Shipping Lines) since the waves were too high and the ferry can't make it to White Beach as per Boat Operator.

When we arrived at White Beach, many locals offered us rooms, activities and tour but we just look first for affordable yet yummy lunch (diet daw? hahaha!) before anything else. lol.  And our feet found this affordable food chain :)

Food trip indeed!


After lunch, we are looking for cozy yet affordable room. Some locals came towards us to offer rooms and tours. We just walk along and found MINDORO KOREA resort. We inquired and haggle for a overnight stay. From P1,500 ($33), we got it P1,200 ($27). Not bad :)

The room was toooo big for the two of us. hahaha

We change our clothes and ready to beach bumming and get tanned!! :)

how do I get tanned with this weather :(

A couple from India was enjoying their stay in Galera :)

More tourist arrived in late afternoon :)

After we swam and taking pictures, we passed by a store selling halo-halo and mais con yelo. We bought at cost of P50 ($1.1) for our snacks.

Our tastebuds is craving for another food and we don't know why.. hahaha! And... taddaaaa! pizza!

Long stretch of White Beach

We had a great and happy tummy that afternoon and went back to our resort, washed up and change our clothes and rest for a while. Moon light is approaching and we decided to look for a place to have our dinner (eat again?! lol). Since it's raining that night, we end up to Food Trip Food Chain again and ordered seafood grill :)

Grilled Squid

Chicken Kebeb

Yummy dinner is over and the rain stopped, we just hanging out along the shore and watching the fire dancers :)

Captured a heart shaped fire :)
Since I really don't like to stay in a very noisy bar, we decided to buy snacks and coke and hang out in our room :) hahaha! After a few hours, lights out!!! lol

Good morning Sunrise! hahaha!

We took our breakfast nearby and beach bumming again before we headed home. We registered to Minolo Shipping lines for 10:30am departure.

Unfortunately, I never got tanned lines :( haysst..

We had a great time! Will try the activities and tours next time we visit Puerto Galera :)

Travel Date : December 07-08 2013
Travel Buddy : Katzy

How to get to Puerto Galera from Alabang:
 1. From South Station Terminal, ride a bus to Batangas Pier
 2. From Batangas pier, ride a ferry to White Beach/Muelle. The first ferry to Puerto Galera leaves aroung 7:30 AM and the last ferry typically leaves before 4pm.
       3. If you get off to Muelle and going to other destination resort, you can ride/rent a tricycle going to your resort 


  1. can we have any contact numbers of mindoro korea?thank you!

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by :) unfortunately, I lost the business card they gave me. So sorry :(

  2. Nice read. I was enjoying how you narrated your story :D

    In anyway may I suggest, a great resort near Puerto Galera where you can check out one of the most beautiful bays in the world: Campbell's Bech Resort.

    You may also want to see this out:

    Thank you.

  3. Very nice pics.. u r so bful. . please see my blog also on puerto