Thursday, September 5, 2013

Coron Itinerary and Expenses

Itinerary and Expenses (as of April 2011)

Puerto Princesa Itinerary and Expenses

Check my Puerto Princesa photos :)
*Puerto Princesa Getaway: Day 01*
*Puerto Princesa Getaway: Day 02*
*Puerto Princesa Getaway: Day 03*

Itinerary and Expenses (as of April 2011)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lucban, Quezon 2013: Kamay ni Hesus

In Catholic Church, Holy week is the last week of Lent and before Easter. For Catholics like me, it's our way of remembering the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who dies for our sins. And this is also the way of others to spend time to their respective families and to travel (yeah!) because it's a long weekend (starts Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday) :). Even I love to spend holidays in traveling, I choose not to go out of town during this season and everyone knows that in this season, there's a lot of tourist everywhere (for some reason, I don't wanna spend a vacation with crowded place). I am a devoted Catholic and this is the way of my sacrifice/fasting :) (Well, I spent holy week last 2011 in Palawan but I made sure that I've practiced doing our tradition). :)