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Puerto Princesa 2011: Day 1 (Counrtyside Tour)

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I spent my 2011 Holy week in Palawan!!! Yay! So excited because it's my first time to ride on the airplane! (Oh yes! hahaha!) We will gonna explore the famous places in Palawan: Puerto Princesa and Coron :)

Here are the photos in Puerto Prinsesa Day 1. :)

Plane ticket via ZestAir :)

With Des and Jess! ayiiiee! peace! :)

Our cute and bibo little buddy! Baby Mhaka :)

Fasten my seatbelt po! :)

Mhaka and Dada :)

the tourist! bow! :)


Cute baby mhaka :)

We checked in at Lucky Inn Hotel and we took our lunch sa Badjao Seafront Resto and start our countryside/city tour in Puerto Princesa :)

Hotel entrance

"Ate, open the computer" hahaha

Entrance galore!

bridge :)

While waiting the food to serve :)


I'm hungry :)

Group picture :)

 Start of our Countryside/City Tour

Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral

Altar :)



Crocodile encounter! yikes!! :)

The skin of the biggest crocs of the center

And this one is the skeleton.. oh creepy!

Small croc but so creepy!

It looks like big lizards! yay!

Close encounter with little crocs. But I didn't manage to touch or even get close :( (I'm afraid of reptiles :( 

Mitra's Ranch

The view :)

tired already! hahaha!

Due to lack of sleep, I cant wait to be in hotel to sleep. hahaha!

You don't like me when I am tired. hahaha!

Next stop! Baker's Hill!

Famous signage! hahaha!



Kissing a bunny?!!!

Who owned this house? hahaha!

Nanay Veronica, Mhaka and a dwarf! hehehehe!

We went also to Binuatan Creations, a weaving factory in town, I did not manage to go there because  freakin' tired na talaga!

Go boss! :)

Wow! serious? hahaha!

All in all! Super enjoy and quite tired! I didn't listen to our tourist guide while he was discussing some stuff like the history of palawan, blah blah coz I am just enjoying the place! hahaha! We need to rest and the adventure awaits us next day!

Travel Date: April 20-23 2011
Travel Buddies: Empi's, (Kate, Des, Yeng, Jess, Dudoy), Nanay Veronica, Ate Liza, Kuya Dennis, Dada, Aya and Baby Mhaka :)

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