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Journey in Japan 2015

It's been almost a year since I went to Japan. Even today, my memories are still clear. Every places I've been, every food I've tasted, every people I've met. Everything! Until now, I just can't imagine I set my foot in everyone's dream destination. And I am so blessed that Japan is my first ever country I visited. :)

In this post, I want to summarize (and reminisce) my journey in this beautiful country. :)

The Airport.

My BFF, Gelene told me the way going to arrival area in Kansai International Airport. Since that was my first time to travel overseas and I'm alone, I was quite nervous but excited to get lost. Hahaha! There's a train waiting for the passengers from the airplane to arrival area. Gelene also told me to go with the flow of the passenger, so I did! Hahaha! The Kansai Airport was so stunning and so modern! The immigration officer was sooo nice as well as the custom officer who checked my luggage. We're able to had a little chat! :)

The Transportation.

This is quite trìcky for first timers, especially to those who doesn't have sense of direction, like me. Hahaha! So glad that I accompanied by my friends residing in Japan. 

The train station is like a shopping mall! The structures are huge and so modern! I was impressed with the design of interior! The train is clean and well maintained! The passengers is always walks fast or running. Hahaha! 

The Temples.

Maybe one of the finest tourist spots in Japan are the Temples. Every tourist went in Japan has it's own favorite temple. Mine is the Fushimi-Inari Shrine and Temple in Kyoto. Aside from one of the popular temple, I felt like every wall and structure of the temple telling me its history and stories of everything. :)

The Place.

Every country has its own authentic beauty. I went to Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Fukui, Nagashima and Omihachiman. Every place I went has its own unique stories and history. All of them are my favorites! 

The Food.

One of my favorite! I tried Japanese food here in the Philippines and I'm quite familiar with it. And I've searched I lot before I went to Japan. Haha! The first Japanese food I tried when I arrived was Ramen! Wow! Super yum! 

Takoyaki is one my favorite Japanese food! Kuya Shigeki's friend owning a Takoyaki Stall in Omihachiman. We watched him while he cooked. It tasted like.. heaven! I finished the 10 pieces of it! And I want more! Hahaha! I just can't forget the taste of takoyaki until now. Hahaha! I even tried to dine in rolling sushi bar! It's amazing to experience to picked up your choice of sushi dishes rolling around the area. I also tried 2 or 3 buffet restaurant! The most unique thing I encountered was when you dine in with kids, they gave them free toys! Yay! I wish I'm a kid! Hahahaha! Kuya Shigeki also made an Okonomiyaki from the scratch! It was superb!  OMG! I was not surprise if I gained a lot of weight when I get back here in Manila. Hahaha!

The People.

Just like Filipinos, Japanese are so hospitable. They entertained guest like their own family just like what experienced. Japanese also known as the most discipline citizens. When I went to supermarket for first time with Ate Mai, after we paid at the counter, I expected a bagger will packed our items (just like in the Philippines), but to my surprise, you will be the one to packed your groceries! ( Pahiya ako konti) hahaha! The supermarket management just provide you boxes and paper bags. 

And I also admire Japanese motorist for being always give priority to pedestrians. They always slows down even they are still far from the pedestrian crossing. 

And those people I met, MG group and made my Japan trip a memorable one. Many thanks guys! And specially to Mizutani family who hosted my stay in Japan. I love you guys! See you very soon! 

Mizutani family with my BFF Gelene :)

Travel date: August 11-25 2015

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