Thursday, April 16, 2015

Negros Oriental 2015: Apo Island

SUMMER 2015 is ON!! :) My anticipating trip this 2015. It's my 32nd (Negros Oriental) and 33rd (Siquijor) provinces I've been in the Philippines. Way to go! :)

We arrived at 10:00 am of Wednesday morning at Dumaguete Airport and proceed to Hotel Essencia. We just leave our bags and change our clothes and went to Apo Island :) Hired a tricycle to Ceres Bus terminal going to Bayawan. Told the bus conductor to drop us off to Malatapay Market, the drop off point to Apo Island :) It took 25 minutes travel time.

Ceres Bus terminal in Dumaguete :)
 On our way to Malatapay :)

We arrived in Malatapay market at 11:00am. Since it's Wednesday, it's market day in Malatapay! :) We walked to boat post at the end of market road.

Busy Market :)

Boat post :)
We asked one of the staff for boat rent going to Apo Island. The smaller boat cost P 2,000 for 2-4 persons and P 3,000 for bigger boat. Initially, we will going to rent the small boat since we are just 2 but the staff suggested that we can share with 3 other guest. It cost P 2,240 round trip divided by 5. We save almost half of the cost! Yey!

Apo Island from afar :)
Our boatman told us to put our thing inside their bangka to prevent to get wet :)

Bayanihan :) 

After almost an hour of rough ride, Hello Apo Island :)

We paid for environmental fee and went to Liberty Lodge and Restaurant to have our lunch :)

View from Liberty Lodge :)

After lunch, we rented snorkeling mask, vest, and aqua shoes :) Excited to swim with the pawikan! :)

Even we don't have underwater cam, we still enjoy the underwater world. It was amazing! Truly God's creation is superb! To be honest, I was terrified when I saw the pawikan in front of me. hahahaha! At first, I was excited to see and swim with them,but when I saw them, I freaked out and grabbed Yeng's arm! hahaha! Im not expecting that they are sooo huge! hahaha! And realized pawikan is included in the family of reptiles (oh btw, I am afraid of reptile species, hehehe) 

It was 3:00 pm when we finished snorkeling. We have 30 minutes left before we depart. I grabbed that opportunity to take pictures :)
Apo Island Chapel :)

There's a cute dog we saw while roaming around and he follows us :)

Want to bring him home :)

We depart at 3:30pm going to main land. Bit goodbye to Apo Island and planning to go back and will try to dive :)

Signage in Malatapay Market :)


From Dumaguete Airport, hail tricycle to Ceres Bus terminal. Ride a bus going to Bayawan. Tell the conductor to drop you off to Malatapay Market. When you get off in Malatapay market, walk to market road until you reach the boat post. Chartered a boat going to Apo Island. 

* I suggest to stay overnight if you are planning to dive. This is what we will do when we get back there. hihi :)

EXPENSES in Apo Island:


Travel date: March 11, 2015


  1. Hello miss wanderlust, just wanna ask though. Is there a hotel or lodge to stay at the island itself? if there is, how much?

    1. Hi there! Yes! There are lodge and resort i the island. I inquired in Liberty Lodge and restaurant and the price of the room ranges 1000-3000. Happy holidays! :)

  2. Hi nice blog! From malatapay market wher will you ride a bus going back to Dumaguete City?

  3. Hi! Thank you :)

    You can ride a bus going to dumaguete in malatapay main road. :)

  4. I like your blog! My family is going there on the 11th, I just want to clarify, so it cost 2500 for 5 persons, back and forth already? We are actually planning to stay there for the night

  5. Hi! Thank you! You are asking for the boat rent right? The standard rate cost 2000-3000 for the small boat (2-4 pax). In our case, we agreed to share with 3 other guest that day cost Php 2,240 :)

    1. oh, thanks, I appreciate that. I'm looking forward for more blogs from you!

    2. You're welcome! Enjoy your apo island tour! I have tons of backlogs. Hehe.. I will update my blog asap. Thank you! :)

  6. Hello meron ka po bang copy ng daily trips going to suiqijor and papuntang dumaguete? Thanks tou. We are planning to go there by march kasi:) thank u for all the infos:) ~macrina :)

  7. Hi :) Unfortunately, i did not took pictures of the posted ferry schedule there. But I hope this link will help you:

    Enjoy your trip! :)

  8. thank sa pagbreakdown ng expenses! =)

  9. Hi, question lng po,
    ung boat na nirent nyo going to apo island round trip, is that the same boat you used for snorkeling?

    How much ung pag rent ng boat/tour guide sa apo island for tour/snorkeling activity. appreciate if you reply to my email :)

    1. Hindi na kailangan ng boat for snorkeling kasi nasa mababaw lang yung mga pawikan at malapit lang din yung coral garden. Pwede din kayong maghire ng guide para samahan kayo doon sa may mga corals.