Friday, May 30, 2014

Sagay City, Negros Occidental 2014 : Carbin Reef

The last time I've been in La Carlota Negros Occidental, my mother's home town and I grew up for almost 6 years (from 1990-1996) was 2006. For almost 8 years, finally! I'm back! 

I had a lot of childhood memories in that place. I bonded with my Lola (which I am certified Lola's girl) :) Last holy week of 2014, we decided to visit my Lola, she's already 84 years old and very very strong :) We arrived last Maundy Thursday, rest until Good Friday to observed the essence of Holy week :) We decided to go to Sagay City, particularly in Carbin Reef. I did research beforehand and booked our tour in Sagay City Tourism office for the tour. :)

We left La Carlota at 6am last April 19. We took a Ceres Bus to Bacolod. Since the road was under repair, we took 1.5 hours to Bacolod, instead 45 mins normally :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pangasinan 2014: Hundred Islands

When I was in grade school, (probably grade 3), my teacher posted different pictures of tourist spots in the Philippines in our room's wall. Among those pictures she's posted, I was amazed with the pictures of Hundred Islands. And in my innocent mind that time, I was thinking to go there when I grow up. 

Years passed and right now, I already in the field of being a "travel enthusiast", one of my bucket travel list is to go to a place I dreamed when I was young :) H U N D R E D  I S L A N D S :)

Last April, we planned a very quick getaway to unwind :) And yes,  we chose Hundred Islands :)
We called Island Tropic Hotel and Restaurant for a room reservation and deposit 50% down payment a week before our travel date :)