Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pangasinan 2014: Hundred Islands

When I was in grade school, (probably grade 3), my teacher posted different pictures of tourist spots in the Philippines in our room's wall. Among those pictures she's posted, I was amazed with the pictures of Hundred Islands. And in my innocent mind that time, I was thinking to go there when I grow up. 

Years passed and right now, I already in the field of being a "travel enthusiast", one of my bucket travel list is to go to a place I dreamed when I was young :) H U N D R E D  I S L A N D S :)

Last April, we planned a very quick getaway to unwind :) And yes,  we chose Hundred Islands :)
We called Island Tropic Hotel and Restaurant for a room reservation and deposit 50% down payment a week before our travel date :)

Because the hotel has no available room for early check-in, we used to leave our bags in the counter and go for island hopping :) Paid P40 each for environmental fee and went to assigned boatman and guide to tour us in hundred islands :)

Good thing they have this Bantay Dagat. It feel so safe :)

One of our guide, Kuya Michael :)

Approaching Governor's Island :)

Stairway to view deck :)

yah, It's summer, expect that crowd :)

Hello :)

The famous PBB house signage built here in Governor's Island was removed when we went there, according to the caretaker, it was ordered to removed by a new elected Mayor of Alaminos, OK.

Our boatman tour us in different islands and islets after in Governor's Island :)

It looks like turtle :)

looks like a ship, hehehe

This island sliced when an earthquake struck the area according to our boatman.

The Cardinal Island/Cave:)

Approaching Quezon Island and spent our lunch :)

oh yah, how crowded it was :(
 Our lunch prepared by Island Tropic for us :)


After our full packed lunch, we decided to go to Children's Island where according to Kuya Michael, it's safe also to do kayaking since Quezon Island is bit of crowded.

We kayak around the Children's Island and nearby islets :)

After of kayaking, we stayed a while in Island and swim. Then we went back to hotel :)

The Hotel gave us this cozy and comfortable room :)
oh, sorry for that mess :)

We washed up and walk around the Lucap wharf and have some snacks :)

New rates :)

We took a very long sleep and decided to have dinner at Maxine Restaurant and Inn by the bay at 9:00pm :)
Mango puree :)

jam packed dinner for two :)
We went back to our hotel and rest :) We had a great time though it was soooo bitin :( 

Travel Philippines :)

Breakdown of Expenses:

*Since Island Tropic has no available room for early check in, we decided to check in in Rose Plaza Inn when we arrived in Alaminos at 4:00am :)

How to get to Hundred Islands :)
Board a bus from Cubao or Pasay, choose Victory Liner or Five Star Bus bound to Alaminos or Bolinao, kindly check their website for schedules :) It takes 5-6 hours travel time depending on traffic. Once you reach Alaminos, head to Lucap tricycle terminal or some tricycle drivers park on the terminals, (especially in wee hours). Travel time is 5-10 mins :)

Travel Date: April 12-13 2014


  1. I have been here and I must say that it looks so much better in personal. Those islands will simply take your breath away when you're there.

  2. it is :) one of Philippines pride :)

  3. Best white beach! :) I like it more than in BOra. hehehe

    1. Hi, never been in Boracay. but the 100 hundred islands is one of the best beach indeed :)

  4. thank you for the review i was actually thinking of visiting this place when i come home to the philippines for july vacation. im kinda weary about the hotel since i didnt see any bathroom pics on their agoda page. this post is very helpful for me :) Have a great day!

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment :) Island Tropic has a spacious room and clean bathroom :) enjoy your vacation@ :)

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