Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Divine Mercy Shrine, El Salvador 2014

Two years ago, I planned to go to Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental. Even it takes only a few minutes bus ride from the CDO town proper, I didn't have any chance to go there. But on my second time, I'd make sure that I never miss the opportunity to go there :)

The Divine Mercy Shrine of El Salvador, Misamis Oriental, Philippines is located in Divine Mercy Hills, overlooking Macajalar Bay on the Mindanao island, southern part of the Philippines
The nine-hectare land for the Shrine was purchased for a nominal amount and the shrine was constructed by donations. The shrine was completed in 2008 and is noted for having a 15.24 metre (50-feet) statue of the Divine Mercy Jesus. It serves as a pilgrimage site for Divine Mercy devotees. (Wikipedia)

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Stairs going up with Kuya Gary :)

50 foot Statue of Divine Mercy

When I looked closely to the face of Jesus Christ, I just said to myself "Lord, katapusan na ba ng mundo?" ("Lord, It's already end of the world? ") hehehe.. I really felt that He is looking at me for real! :)

When we reached the top, there's a chapel and has an amazing structure :)

Ehem. lol

View of Macajalar Bay

with Faith :)

You can go up to the statue and it has a mini altar located in the heart of Jesus that you can pray. But before going there, you must have to listen in the short talk about the history and miracle of Divine Mercy. :)

Mass schedule of Shrine :)

We did a quick prayer and intentions to Divine Mercy before we headed to the airport :)

We recommended Mang Daryo (picture above) for your CDO tours :) He's very nice. He owns the taxi. You can contact him at 0905-1492577. :)

Travel Buddies: Kat, Faith, Kuya Gary and Ate Mae
Travel Date: February 19, 2014


  1. I have been to the Divine Mercy shrine in BUlacan and I have to say that it is far from what that looked like. That is simply breathtaking and just amazing. Your photos are so clear and bright.

  2. I never been in Divine Mercy shrine in Bulacan :) thank you :)