Monday, April 14, 2014

Cagayan de Oro 2014: White Water Rafting

An awesome experience in Camiguin again (for me as second timer) :) hahaha. Our next adventure was White water Rafting! This is my 3rd time :) My first one was  in Davao last 2011 and the second one was also in Cagayan De Oro last 2012. :) Our host for this activity is Kagay White Water Rafting. Kat, Ate Mae, Kuya Gary and Faith are all first timer. Woohoooo! Just like me in Davao, I felt bit of nervous knowing that I am a good swimmer (partida). Since all of them are not a good swimmer, they're panicking! Lol! 

Panorama of Cagayan De Oro river :)

Before we proceed to our activity, as usual, a personnel/guide brief us the safety measure of white water  rafting. Even you're not a swimmer, this activity is very safe as long as you follow the instructions. :)


Then, here we goooooo!!!

There're 2 guide assigned to our group. Maybe they've noticed that we're noisy (hahaha), they instructed us to do some tricky activity :)

We met "Friend" (behind Faith)

They let us swim in a safe area where there are no current :)

What an awesome and fun activity EVER! My friends enjoy the rafting! :)

Travel Date: February 18, 2014
Travel Buddies:  Kat, Ate Mae, Kuya Gary and Faith


  1. Whitewater rafting still gives me chills. I know that they guarantee you that it is safe but it hard to believe that when you start seeing the rapids.

  2. It's safe as long as you listen to your guide. :) great water adventure :)