Thursday, March 20, 2014

Camiguin 2014

Camiguin is one of my favorite place. I don't know why but somehow I really feel that in my past life, I was living in there. :) Camiguin blessed with natural hot/cold spring, picturesque landscape, beautiful beaches and very warm and hospitable locals :) As early as September 2013, as usual, I texted Kuya Teddy Pabualan, owner/operator of TRUSTED Camiguin Transport, to avail again their service and he never failed to answer my "kakulitan" questions. :) Two thumbs up and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Camiguin tour operator!!! 


In Agora Terminal in CDO, I was thinking to ride a bus going to port since it was soooo early and not sure if there's a available shuttle van that time. But luckily, one guy approached us and asked where we are going. And he assisted us towards a van going to Balingoan Port. We waited  in a few minutes for other passengers and we met 3 fellow SFC's from Laguna who are also going to Camiguin :) Yey :)

Normally, the travel time from CDO to Balingoan port is 2-3 hours. But in our case, it took only an hour. For me, it's not a good idea because during our trip, I feel so unsafe on how fast he (the driver) drove. Luckily, we are all safe when we got it the port. :)

We got the first trip ferry which is 4:30am:)

Hellloooo Camiguin :)
During on board, we used to talk to locals/tourist. So we met this kuya, (I forgot his name..hehehe) and told us to try the Mantigue Island :)

We reach Bernoni Port as early as 5:45am :)

Kuya Ronald, Kuya Teddy's staff fetched us in the port for our tour :)

We took our breakfast in one carinderia which Kuya Ronald recommended :) 

After of our breakfast, our first stop, Katibawasan Falls! :)


sort of camera trick (daw) :)

This is Kiping, a local food delicacy of Camiguin. Made of cassava then drizzle with caramel (arnibal).
heart shaped. ewan lol

Unfortunately, our new meet SFC friends from Laguna (Jomz, Jee and Jenn) was not able to come with us to our next spot because they decided to have a half day tour in Camiguin to catch up their flight later that afternoon. :( They need to go first in White Island (which our next day scheduled) and Sunken Cemetery. It was so nice meeting you guys! :)

We checked in to cottage where we stayed also last 2012 (as per requested, lupit talaga ni Kuya Teddy!). Changed our clothes and start our tour!

Second stop, The view of Mt. Hibok-Hibok

We met Admin, a French national who also enjoying his stay in Camiguin :)

Walkway to the Old Volcano and Station of the Cross :)

Sunken Cemetery :) We planned to take some photos in the view deck. Since it's quite early, we decided to go to the Cross. Paid P100 for the boat :)

We never expected that our tour guide has a hidden talent :) check the photos :)

Jump shot!

He has a skill of a tricky photog! Very clever!

And this!

He's out tour guide/clever photog :)
We headed to Cold spring to have lunch. Ordered Chicken tinola, grilled fish and rice :)

Old Church Ruins :)

We stayed long in hot spring to relax and more kwentuhan :)

We had a very long and fun day. Before we get in our cottage, we bought BBQ (isaw and adidas), Pancit Canton, Skyflakes and Century Tuna for dinner :) Kuya Teddy's sister cooked the pancit canton for us :)

We all dead tired and went to sleep for the beach bumming next day! :)

We woke up as early as 5:00am to catch up the sunrise :) And voila!

fail jump shot lol 

Heart shaped cloud :)

We took also our breakfast in White Island. Since we forgot to bring our food prepared by Kuya Teddy's sister because of our excitement (haha) to beach bum, Kuya Teddy managed to hand over to one of the boatman to look for us and gave the food! (Grabe! super generous!)

We left White Island aroung 7:30am to catch up the first trip of RORO at 8:45am.

Here's Kuya Teddy, (at last, may picture na tayo) hahaha :)

Bit goodbye to Camiguin and see you again!

See you again, CAMIGUIN! <3

Travel Date: February 19,2014
Travel Buddies: Katzy, Kuya Gary, Ate Mae and Faith

How to get there:

Option 1: The fastest way to get to Camiguin is via OceanJet ferry. Approximately 2 hrs ferry ride.

Rode a jeep going to Macabalan Port. From Macabalan Port, you can reach directly to Bernoni Port in Camiguin.


Monday to Sunday
8:30 AM - 10:30 AM : CDO Macabalan Port to Benoni Port (Camiguin)
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM : Benoni Port (Camiguin) to CDO Macabalan Port


Cagayan de Oro - Camiguin: P900 one way

Option 2: (Cheap and longest way) Go to Agora Bus Terminal. Ask for the Van terminal going to Balingoan Port (Maximum of 3 hours travel time) cost P100-150. You can take a also AC bus (P143) and once to twice bus stop.

Get off van and walk to port. An hourly Ferry Boat/Roro from Balingoan Port will take you to Benoni Port in Camiguin. Early trip from Balingoan Port to Benoni Port(Camiguin) is 4:30 AM.


  1. yheeeey,,,,,,,, thank you mam joy for sharing your great camiguin experiences with us.... see u next time around the island =)



    1. hahaha! you're welcome kuya teddy! Thank you rin sa walang sawang pag asikaso samin :) More power! :) See you soon!!!! :)

  2. I love how you chronicled everything with a time element. The photos in the waterfall is amazing by the way.

    1. Hi Uptourist :) thank you for dropping by :) Thank you also for your comments. I do really appreciate it.And I don't over edit my photos. :) I want my readers to see it's natural beauty :)

  3. Your pictures from the Sunken Cemetery looks really cute. I've been to Camiguin for more more than 3 times now. The island still excites me every time I go there. You should also try river rafting in Cagayan de Oro and Dahilayan Adventure park in Bukidnon.

  4. Hi Ana! Thank you! Good for you! Camiguin is a paradise! The locals are soo warm too! I tried already the white water rafting twice as well as the zipline in Bukidnon :) God bless! :)