Saturday, June 27, 2015

How to get Japan Visa (with Guarantor)

Travelling in Japan is everyone’s dream. Two years ago, I was planning to go there but for some reasons, it did not push through. But an unexpected opportunity knocks three weeks ago! With the help of my friend who’s residing in Japan, my dream to go to Land of the Rising Sun will finally come true! Forever will be grateful to her as well to her family! And the highlight, it’s my first time to travel abroad! Yey!

Last June 2014, a press statement release in the Japanese website indicating multiple-entry visa for Filipinos will be substantially relaxed, and requirements for single-entry tourism visas will be relaxed to a quasi-exemption-euivalent level when applied via specified travel agencies.

I just want to share with you how  I got my Japan Visa under Visit a friends or distant relatives Visa (with Guarantor). 

STEP 1: Complete the Requirements:
1.       PHILIPPINE PASSPORT – Must have signature and have at least two blank pages and at least 6 months remaining validity. In my case, good thing I renewed my passport last year. (Yes!)
2.       VISA APPLICATION FORM Accomplished the form. Don’t leave blank. Put N/A if not applicable. You can download here. The downloadable form in Japan Embassy’s website is editable. You can accomplished the form and print it.
3.       PHOTO – 2x2 (4.5 x 4.5 cm) white background. You can tell the photo studio it’s for Japan Visa.
4.       NSO BIRTH CERTIFICATE -  issued within a year. Attached the receipt also.
5.       NSO MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE- if married (technically I’m not hehe )
6.       DAILY SCHEDULE –  I made a schedule of stay in Japan for 15 days. You download the format here.

Below are the documents from my Guarantor in Japan they sent me through courier: (You should give the original copies to your agency.)

7.       INVITATION LETTER must be issued within 3 months, must have handwritten signature. (Not applicable if package tour)
9.       COPY OF RESIDENCE CARD FROM IMMIGRATION (ZAIRYU CARD) or PASSPORT COPY – (All used pages) of friends or distant relatives in Japan.
10.   GUARANTEE LETTER -  must have handwritten signature and seal and (must be issued within 3 months)
11.   INCOME CERTIFICATE (SHOTOKU SHOUMEISHO)  - must be issued within 3 months.

Additional requirements and support documents I submitted:

12.   DOCUMENTS OR PHOTOS TO PROVE RELATIONSHIP -  I printed out our photos and paste in bondpaper. I submitted 8 photos. I also screen shot our conversation in viber and facebook and print.
13.   INCOME TAX RETURN (BIR 2316) – Requested my ITR from my employer for the year 2013 and 2014 and submit the original.

14. TWO MONTHS PAYSLIP - I printed my April and May payslip.

15.   BANK CERTIFICATE -  Issued within three months. They don’t have minimum or maximum requirement for this. For as long as you are financially capable of supporting yourself during your entire trip in Japan. In my case, my friend’s husband (which is Japanese) sent me his income certificate as one of the requirements (Number 11). Just to be sure, I submitted bank certificate indicating the balance of my account.
16.   CERTIFICATE OF EMPLOYMENT – Indicating my tenure and annual gross salary.
17.   CERTIFICATE OF LEAVE OF ABSENCE – Approved dates of my leave signed by my immediate superior. Proved that I have a strong ties here and I will going back. 

All of my documents were submitted to RELI TOURS and TRAVEL located in SM Southmall Las Pinas last June 18. After they checked my requirements, I paid P 2,000.00 for processing fee. They issued me an official receipt and advised to wait for a text to pick up my passport.
By the way, in case they will encounter any problems like additional requirements, they’ll let you know. Processing time will be 2-10 days according to the staff.

List of Accredited Agency of Japan Embassy here.

Waiting time was the crucial. Praying that my visa gets approved. Waited and hope for the best, hehehe. And after 3 days, that was June 23 at 4:00pm, they texted me that my passport is ready to pick up. I went right away to travel agency right after office and tadddaaaaa! My japan visa approved! Yey!

See you Japan on August! :)

Please note that this post will not guarantee your visa application will be approved. 

Goodluck to your Japan Visa application! 


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  2. Hi :) thank you for your comment.

    Unfortunately, I can't answer your question regarding if you will be either approved or denied. It's up to the Japanese embassy. But I wish you goodluck to your application. :)

  3. Hi, Did your guarantor also sent u an authenticated affidavit of support (red ribbon docs) for the immigration interview? What did you declared in the departure card? Tourism or visit a friend? And did they asked for the red ribbon docs? Thanks

    1. Hi :) my guarantor sent me some documents and not sure if the "red ribbons docs" was included because it was written in japanese characters (i cant read jap characters anyway). When I got to immigration at the airport, the IO just asked me about my employment here in the Philippines and asked me to show my health card and leave of absense certificate from our company coz I am travelling alone then.

  4. Hi, sorry if this may seem like a dumb question, but for the letter of invitation what did you put in the purpose of invitation/ background to invitation? Is the simple reason as "for tourism purpose" sufficient? Thanks.

    1. Hi, the letter of invitation was from my guarantor(my friend residing in Japan). The letter was written in Japanese characters so I did not understand what was the content of the letter. Sorry I can't answer your question.

  5. Hi..did u buy a ticket before applying for visa? If not what did u answer in the blank?

    1. I did not purchased ticket. I think there's no option for that in form.

  6. Hi..did u buy a ticket before applying for visa? If not what did u answer in the blank?