Sunday, October 4, 2015

Japan 2015 Series: My Epic Arrival

It took a while to post my Japan trip. Honestly, I have no idea how to start, how to categorize etcc… (excuses, hihi) Here it goes :)

 I couldn’t imagine that a simple, corporate employee/slave (charot) who earns only more or less 15k, and  few debts (credit card, housing loan etc.) like me had a chance to travel in Japan, hihihi. I am lucky that surrounded by loving and generous people whom treated me like their own family. I will take this opportunity to thank the family who helped me with the documents and opened their beautiful house for me to stay in Japan for 15 days, Mizutani Family, and to those people I met and became my friends.

Okay, let’s begin!

Last August 11, 2015 I flew to Japan. It was my first time to travel abroad, and take note, I’m alone then. Before my departure, of course, I searched a lot. A LOT. From the people, etiquette, tourist spots and of course, authentic Japanese food!

My flight was 3:20pm (Manila time) and I arrived in Kansai International Airport at 7:50pm (Japan Time). Japan time is one hour ahead of Manila. My friend, Gelene told me that when the plane landed, I just go with the flow of my co-passenger. I rode a train going to arrival, proceed to Japan immigration. The immigration officer was very nice as well as the custom officer. 

 I was fetched by Gelene, Kuya Shigeki and Maiki! We travel 2 hours from Kansai Airport to Omihachiman. Maiki and I was talking all time! Sooo daldal!

We passed by in authentic Ramen house at 11:30pm for midnight snack since I wasn’t took dinner! OMG! Ramen!!! 

First Ramen in Japan! yum!

We arrived around midnight. Settled down and sleep. It was awesome 6 hours (more or less) travel to Japan alone J. Our next day itinerary was in Nara and Kyoto, in my next post...

Next: Nara Park

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