Monday, February 1, 2016

Japan 2015 Series: Nara Park

At last, my series Japan blog post is activated. Hahaha! This past few months, I’ve been through a lot of stuffs. Back logs pa more. Hahaha! Well, here’s my Nara Park photo blog.

Nara Park (奈良公園 Nara Kōen?) is a public park located in the city of Nara, Japan, at the foot of Mount Wakakusa, established in 1880. Administratively, the park is under the control of Nara Prefecture. The park is one of the "Places of Scenic Beauty" designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Over 1,200 wildsika deer (シカ or 鹿 shika) freely roaming around in the park are also under designation of MEXT, classified as natural treasure. While the official size of the park is about 502 hectare, the area including the grounds of Tōdai-ji, Kōfuku-ji, andKasuga Shrine, which are either on the edge or surrounded by Nara Park, is as large as 660 ha. (Wikipedia)

We rode train going to Kyoto then another train to Nara. It was the first time I rode train in Japan. Hahaha! It was amazing! 

With Maiki :)

Before we went to Nara Park, we visit Kuya Shigeki’s former teacher. After few minutes of chatting, we headed to Nara Park. We walked to Nara park. I was amazed with Nara buildings. 

After 10-15 minutes of walk, we greeted with this calm and adorable Sika Deer .  It’s the main attraction in Nara Park. They walk around the park freely.

Some vendor sell crackers for Y150 if you want to feed deer. 

Colorful :)

I’ve also encountered one deer bowed when I passed him. I bowed back to him and he continue bowing. How cute! Even the deer is so polite.

Hello Deer :)

Beautiful lake!

Bunch of baby deer :)

We walked until we reached the Todaiji Temple Shrine  It was the biggest Buddha I’ve ever seen! Amazing!


Todaiji Temple.

Offered prayer with Maiki :)

Facing the temple. Look at the tourist!

We roamed around and reached the other side of the temple.


Pindola Bharadvaja.

Wakakusa Mountain behind us :)

Kasuga Taisha Shrine.

It is the tradition before you enter any temple. You should wash your hands in this fountain.

Wrote a prayer.

Autumn feels.

Passed through the Nara National Museum.

La Pagoda in Nara Park

Few establishments in Nara Park.

Hi deer fans. Hahaha!

We finished our Nara Park tour at 2:00pm and went to Higashimuki Shopping Street for lunch. I forgot the name of resto because I’m soo hungry! Hahaha! 

With monk.

My lunch. Hahaha.

We went to Kyoto after lunch. And I will continue it on my next blog post.

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