Sunday, April 9, 2017

BIG Solo Trip 2016: Guimaras

This is the last destination of my B-I-G Solo trip, Guimaras! You can check my previous post:

Whenever I hear the province of Guimaras, sweet mangoes comes in my mind. And I proved it when I went there. After my Iloilo day tour, I went to Ortiz Port, jump off point to Guimaras.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

BIG Solo Trip 2016: Iloilo

A day after my Bacolod Solo Trip (March 30, 2016), I went to my second solo trip destination, Iloilo City! By the way, I had a courage to went solo trip to these places because somehow I can understand the dialect, Ilonggo (I am half Ilongga). So it's not that hard for me to communicate with the locals. But whether you can't speak or understand their dialect, Ilonggos are so warm and hospitable and they are willing to help like if you're asking directions. And their very sweet accent that added to the charm of the place :) 

It was my first time to go in Iloilo. It's 1.5 hour away from Bacolod City via fast ferry. I had a itinerary list of places where I can stroll around the province.

BIG Solo Trip 2016: Bacolod City

It's been a year since my first ever B-I-G (Bacolod-Iloilo-Guimaras) solo trip. Pardon me if this is a late post already. Hahaha. (Lazy bones here, hahaha)

I've been in Bacolod like nth time. It's just an hour away from La Carlota City, my mother's hometown. Last 2016, I went there for Holy week vacation. It's also an anticipated trip because it was my first solo trip, (and of course, my mother didn't know, haha).

I miss my long hair :(