Saturday, April 8, 2017

BIG Solo Trip 2016: Iloilo

A day after my Bacolod Solo Trip (March 30, 2016), I went to my second solo trip destination, Iloilo City! By the way, I had a courage to went solo trip to these places because somehow I can understand the dialect, Ilonggo (I am half Ilongga). So it's not that hard for me to communicate with the locals. But whether you can't speak or understand their dialect, Ilonggos are so warm and hospitable and they are willing to help like if you're asking directions. And their very sweet accent that added to the charm of the place :) 

It was my first time to go in Iloilo. It's 1.5 hour away from Bacolod City via fast ferry. I had a itinerary list of places where I can stroll around the province.

I left Bacolod port 6:00 am and I arrived at Iloilo port at 7:30 am. I walked to the main road and look for a place to eat breakfast. My first destination was at San Joaquin Church located at southern part of Iloilo.

After breakfast, I asked a lady vendor how can I get to Terminal Market (locally named as Super) near Robinson Place Mall. She just waved the coming jeep and told the driver to dropped me off the terminal market. What a sweet gesture :)

Famous Calle Real Intersection

I hopped into the jeep going to San Joaquin. We left the terminal at 8:30am. It was a 3 hour long drive but it's all worth it. The jeepney driver dropped me off near the church. I walked few meters to the church.

My next destination was at Campo Santo de San Joaquin (San Joaquin Cemetery), a famous tourist spot also in San Joaquin because of it's unique structure inside the cemetery. The place is located along the main road. I rode a tricycle from San Joauin Church to Campo Santo.

Outside the cemetery

I didn't stay long at the cemetery and just took few pictures near the gate because it's quite creepy and you know, I am alone. hahaha! I rode a jeep going to Miag-ao and dropped off at UP Visayas :) Took my early lunch nearby the school and walked to Miag-ao Church.

The famous Miag-ao Chruch :)

It was almost 12 noon when I headed back to Iloilo City. I passed by Molo Church and took some pictures.

I went to famous Roberto's and bought their yummy siopao :)

I also tried the mouth watering La Paz Batchoy nearby! Yummmmyyyy!!!

I went to Jaro Cathedral and Bell Tower and rode a jeep going to Ortiz Port.

It was a looooonnnngg journey but like what I've said, it's all worth it :) Next post, Guimaras!


Travel Date: March 30, 2016

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