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BIG Solo Trip 2016: Guimaras

This is the last destination of my B-I-G Solo trip, Guimaras! You can check my previous post:

Whenever I hear the province of Guimaras, sweet mangoes comes in my mind. And I proved it when I went there. After my Iloilo day tour, I went to Ortiz Port, jump off point to Guimaras.

I paid P14 fare and rode to passenger boat. It's 15 minute ride from Iloilo to Guimaras :)

Ticket Booth

I arrived in Guimaras past 1:00pm and welcomed by Kuya Cherald, my contact tour guide in Guimaras. By the way, he's one of the famous tour guide/photographer in the province, Naks! hahaha!

His contact number located at the last part of this post. Hahaha! I registered in the tourism table within the Jordan Port.

First stop, the smallest plaza. And yes, this is the smallest plaza I've ever seen. :)  Jose Rizal statue erected in the center of the plaza.

We went to San Lorenzo Windmill. It's almost an hour when we arrived in the place. San Lorenzo windmills is a new tourist spot in Guimaras. It's like the windmills in Ilocos Norte. It also supplies power to some places within the province.

My stomach was angry after we went to San Lorenzo so we dine in Pitstop. The place known for mango dishes! I tried the mango pizza and it was superb! 

Yummy Pizza :)
We went to Mango Plantation after we had our snacks :) 

Our next stop, Trappist Abbey Monastery. It's very quiet and peaceful place. I didn't stay long and I just went inside the church and pray. 

We passed by in Nueva Valencia going to Guisi. We stopped and took a picture of this beautiful view :)

Top load baby :) 

Hi Amigos and Amigas :)
Before sunset, we arrived at Guisi Lighthouse :) It was a rough and bumpy ride going to the lighthouse. I paid P20 for entrance and we walked few meters going up to the lighthouse.

The old Lighthouse
It's not recommended to go up to the old light house because the stairs has rust and it's quite dangerous.

There's a new light house under construction and maybe by this time it's operational already :)

We went to Raymen Beach Resort located at Nueva Valencia. I checked in and took dinner and rest. :)

Good Morning! I booked an island hopping tour in Raymens. While I'm waiting for the boatmen, I strolled along beach :)

Ready for island hopping. The boat assigned to me was so big for 3 people, me and the 2 boatmen, hahaha!

Hello Kuya :)
We went first at Igang Marine Station (Seafdec). It's huge fish pond loaded by different kinds of fish!

I saw 3 pawikans, as per care taker, they rescued the pawikans from the fish trapped within the area and after few days, they will release them in the ocean :) 

The care taker tour us and introduced the different kinds of fish. hahaha!

After in Igang Marine Station, I felt dizzy and stomach cramps, (it's a girl thing, haha). So I decided to go back at the resort after an hour of  island hopping.

I took breakfast when we arrived at Raymens and rest for a while. 

I packed my stuff and I told Kuya Cherald to fetch me at 10:00am. His brother, (sorry, I forgot his name :( ) fetch me that morning and stop over at the mango stall. I bought 2 kilos of very sweet mangoes for pasalubong :)

I rode a passenger boat going back to Iloilo before lunch. It was a great experience! Thank you, Guimaras and Kuya Cherald to your stories :) 

Here's Kuya Cherald calling card :)

I will definitely go back and eat more sweet mangoes in Guimaras!


Travel date: March 30-31 2016

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