Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bataan 2015: Morong Bataan

Hello 2015 :) 

New Year. New Life. MORE TRAVEL! Yey! :)

Our first travel for 2015 last January was in Bataan. Actually, it's unexpected trip. We're just looked for a quick beach getaway to unwind (oh yes, because of work! work! work! ugh!) :) Week before our planned trip, I was looking for a affordable yet cozy and homey beach resort. I found Victoria Vista Bay Resort. I booked a room for 2 for P1,500 only :)

We depart for Olongapo via Victory Liner at 3:30 am of January 31 :)

Sunrise in Lubao, Pampanga :)

We travel for 3.5 hours (from originally 5 hours last 2011 when the last time I went to Olongapo! )Thanks to SCTEX! yeah! We arrived in Olongapo at 7:00 am :) We took breakfast in Mcdonalds nearby :)

After breakfast, we took a yellow jeep going to SBMA Gate 2. There's a mini bus there going to Morong Bataan. We depart at 8:30 am.

Off to Morong Bataan :)

It took almost 1 1/2 hours travel time from SBMA Gate to Morong Bataan. We rode a tricycle from Morong Town to our resort. We arrived in Morong at 10:00 am.

Victoria Vista Bay Resort facilities :)

We rest and sleep for awhile and ordered food for our lunch :)

The sand looks white in the picture but Morong beach is composed of fined-gray sand :)

Beach bumming at 3:00 pm and waited for the sunset  :)

Panorama shot :)

Lovely sunset :)

Sun kissed :)

We took our dinner and we swim in the resort's pool :) After 2 hours of swimming, we washed up and lights off! :)

Before we head home on next day, I went to Morong Church to visit and pray ( I usually do wherever I went)

Just across the church, there's a park and Municipal hall of Morong :)

We walked from the church to bus terminal and passed by in Morong Town Market :)

A very quick getaway and affordable trip. Oh by the way, Bataan is my 31st province I've been in the Philippines :)

Travel Date: January 31 - February 01


  1. Good thing that you have written this blog, its helpful. I want to know if this is a child-friendly resort? Will be travelling with 1year old, I am concern about their facilities (water, bedroom, cr, kiddiepool...). TIA!

    1. Hi, Thanks for dropping by :) Yes, the resort's facilities is child friendly, actually when went there, they have a guest with their child :) We didn't tried to swim in the beach. we used the swimming pool and it was clean :)

  2. Hi! I've been following your blog since last year and your Instagram account last week. Hehe I also recommend BATO SPRING RESORT in Laguna for a weekend trip. It's a man made "cold spring". We went there last March and it's raining the whole day. And yes! Mas maaappreciate mo yung man made falls kase malakas ang flow ng water :) Budget is maximum of 1,500 each, from BF Resort Las Piñas. --Crystal V.

    1. Hi, sorry for the super late reply :) thank you for reading my blogs and following me in IG. I heard about that Bato spring. Actually my sister went there before :) thank you again and God bless! :)

  3. Thanks for the review! Also for stating actual expenses. :)

  4. Hi ate. :-) Just read your blog, researching for our trip to Bataan by next week. Hihi. Great job po. More power. Ingat lagi sa travel. :-*

    1. Hi Jheng! Hahaha! Maganda dyan sa Victoria Vista. Enjoy kyo ah! Ingat din kayo! :*

    2. Hi Jheng! Hahaha! Maganda dyan sa Victoria Vista. Enjoy kyo ah! Ingat din kayo! :*