Saturday, June 6, 2015

Marinduque 2015

Marinduque is an island province of  the Philippines located in Region IV-B. And known for low crime rate province line with Batanes because of peace-loving locals :) (and it's my 34th province! Yey! :) )

We left in Jac Liner Pasay Terminal at 12 midnight after 2 hours of long line waiting for the bus. Arrived at 4:00am in Dalahican Port. Bought ticket for 4:30 am ferry but we boarded at 5:00am. 

Since it's crowded, (and I think the ferry was overloaded) we seated on the floor because there's no available seat anymore. 

Rewarded by this view :)

After 3 hours, we arrived in Marinduque! The ROro docked in Balanacan Port. :)

Our Lady of Voyage in Balanacan Port :)
Local children shouted the passengers to throw coins so they dive and get the coins :)

We boarded jeep going to Buenavista, told the driver to drop by in Brgy. Pinggan in Gasan, the jump off point of Tres Reyes Island :)

Kagawad Dodong (0930-9762666), our contact tourist guide in Brgy. Pinggan, Gasan. He is also handle the tourism in Barangay.

landmark in Brgy. Pinggan
We changed our clothes in Brgy. hall and head to Island hopping :) Kagawad Dodong joined us with our boatman. Our first stop is the farthest among the 3 islands, Baltazar Island.

I don't expect so much about the place, since my first choice was Maniwaya Island. But on our surprise, this place is sooo AMAZING! Has rock formation and turquoise water!

During island hopping, every fishermen we passed by, Kagawad Dodong asked if they have caught fish so we can buy for our lunch. Some of them shook their head signed that don't have catch yet. Until we stopped to this group of fishermen. They are busy catching fish using net. That was the first time I witnessed how to catch fish using the fish net. Then, I cracked joke saying, "Kuya, pwede palimos ng isda? para may lunch po kami." (Sir, we're begging you to give us fish for our lunch.) Everyone laughed. Suddenly, one fisherman hand over a bucket loaded with 2-3 kilos of fish to Kagawad. I insisted to pay but he just said, " Mga Filipino po tayo, dapat po tayo magtulungan." (We are Filipino, we should help each other.)
Somehow I felt guilty to cracked a joke to them, knowing that the only sell those fish in the market in low cost and just enough to buy rice to feed their families. But on other hand, I really admired them. Salute to all of you :)

We continue our Island Hopping. Next stop, Melchor Island. This island has caves. 

Last stop, Gaspar Island. Kagawad Dodong brought us in the other side of island where there's no one will bother you. As if you owned the island. hahaha! But unfortunately, half of the white sand covered by water already since it's high tide. We took few pictures and went to other side to prepare our lunch :)

Souvenir from Gaspar Island :) 
While our boatman prepare our lunch, I strolled around to buy water and Coke. Brought my camera and take photos :)

Saw this children playing. Requested to smile in the camera and viola! :)
Gaspar Island community :)

Fresh fish! 

While waiting for our lunch :)
After lunch, I went to beach and took photos :)

The beach is compose of white coral pebbles :)

Sand Bar!

Selfie it is :)

This doggie is following me :)
Around 3:00 PM with heavy heart, we went to main land :(

Boarded jeep going to Boac and told the driver to drop us by in  Luxor Resort. The resort is just along the main road. Checked in and washed up. We rested for a while and went to Gasan town.

One of ancestral house in Gasan town.

Went to St. Joseph Parish :)

Stunning altar of Parish.

Then we headed to Gasan Municipal Hall :)

Moriones :)

We bought some groceries and food for dinner and went back to hotel. Took some resort's facilities :)

Entrance :)

Chapel beside the resort as landmark :)

By the way, we booked in advance for a room for 2. The staff gave us a room good for 3 persons because there's no available room for 2, without extra cost! And they thought we will not come because I did not reply on their text. Found out my phone was dead bat. (face palm). THANK YOU Sir Richard and staffs of Luxor Beach Resort :)
Spacious room :)

Enjoying the sunset :)

Next morning, I woke up and continue to stroll around the resort and took pictures :)

The Tres Reyes Islands from afar :)

We prepare our things and check out in Luxor Resort. Will going to explore the Boac, capital of Marinduque :)

Beating the summr heat :)

Took our lunch in one of famous resto in Marinduque, Kusina sa Plaza :)

Went to Boac Cathedral :)

We hired tricycle going to Balanacan Port, bought ticket for 2:00 pm going to Lucena Port. 

Marinduque is amazing! Not just the place but also the locals :) When we go back, we will going to Maniwaya Island :)

Travel Date:  May 01 - 02 2015


  1. Awesome post. Thanks for the info and tips. What's the travel time from jump-off point in Gasan to the islands?

    1. Hi Gabz! It took more or less 20 minutes from the jump off point. We went first to Baltazar Island which is the fartest among the 3 Islands :)

  2. Thanks a lot! Can't wait to be there in 3 days. :)

  3. Hi awesome photos. What camera do you used? Thanks!

  4. Hi! Thank you! I used Canon 1000d and my bf's phone lenovo.

  5. Thanks for the info it was really helpful, by the way how did u take your lunch at gaspar island did bring ur own food or is there a store to buy for food? And is there accomodation (lodging house) at the island if we will be staying for an overnyt? Thanks

    1. Hi :) thank you!

      We did not brought our lunch. We just looked for a fisherman during our island hopping to buy their fish. But we're fortunate that they gave us fish. Haha. We cooked it in Gaspar Island and we bought cooked rice also. Im not sure if they allowed to camp overnight in the island. There are store in the island :)

  6. heard there were also caves in there? and i saw some photos online of the mountains and field. is it close to boac? planning on shooting sunrise there. ;) great photos you took! what body and lens did you use? thank you and congrats for this post!

  7. Hi.:) I think its the Bathala Cave in Sta. Cruz. I not that sure if its far from Boac.

    I used Canon 1000d kit lens and my bf's phone Lenovo :) thank you so much :)