Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Caramoan 2011

This is the first time I heard  Caramoan. Philip (the mastermind.. hahaha) told us that after  ICON,we will going on that place. Aside form preparing and planning for the conference, this trip is also included to our itinerary in Naga. So, I Googled the place and I found out that the Peninsula is rented by the management of Survivor for the shooting of said show! Excited right! Hahaha! Well, this is also the first time I will experience the white beach! Super excited!

From Naga City, we woke up as early as 3am, prepation for the trip. Approximately, travel time going  to Sabang port is 2 hrs from the city, jump off point going to Caramoan Island! We arrived in port passed 5am.  

The group with Kuya Japs

 The ferry boat was there and waiting for the passenger for the first trip. We payed P120/pax  for fare. I remember when we are going to aboard, we should have to upturn into the window for us to get in the ferry ! Hahaha! The most funny thing when we aboard, we use to get life jackets and wear while the other passenger was not wearing and just looking unto us! Maybe they are thinking that we are afraid get drown. hahaha (Safety first!)

See that? hahaha! paranoid! hahaha!

We arrived at Guijalo port at 7:30am! Philip meet our guide, Kuya Zar (not sure if his name was correctly spelled ) and ready to explore the island! We rode into jeep! We travel almost 30 mins rough and roller coaster ride before we reach the beach front cottage. 

Kuya Gary and Thet


When we arrived at cottage, we don't waste our time!Change our clothes  for island hopping!

Excited? hahaha!

The Girls!!


Yey! :)

Let's go!

First stop! Matukad Island! there's no cottage or even  table in  island. Good thing we arrived early because there's only one very small nipa hut in the island that you can leave your things. Survivor huh?! hahaha

Rock formation, white sand and  turquoise water ....

the view :)

Egg-shaped rock :)


We are just enjoying that time, swimming, hiking, body scrub(using the fine white sand),running and picture-taking! Just like kids playing around! Hahaha!



After ng lunch! burp!

Survivors GO!!!!!!!!!!

F4? lol

Emo .. lol

Free body scrub! hahaha

Playing sa sand! oh felix? hahaha!

Splash!! wooooo!


Pictorial? hahaha!

 More pictures at Matukad Island :)

We left Matukad Island at almost 3pm and  proceed to snorkeling area (sorry, I did'nt remember that island). It’s low tide  when we arrived there and we don't need to swim for us to see the corals and the fishes!


look what I've got! :)


Looking for what???? hahaha!

Toink! hehehe

We are looking for Nemo!!

More pictures :)

After trying to find nemo, hahaha.. we rode back into the boat. Kuya Zar told us that we will see and pass through the island where the Survivor used to shoot.

We stopped over in one island (Sorry, I cant remember the name of Island) and play some of our childhood favorite games.

Luksong baka!



childhood! :)
After of non stop playing, we are all tired and decided to go back to our cottage and prepare for our dinner :)

So... it's dinner time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Galit galit muna ah! hahahaha!

Half empty... lol


Almost..... hahaha

Sinigang ala Caramoan :)

Huli! hahaha!

Mango fever! lol

Dinner was over and we are so full!! hahaha! 

We need to get up early for our departure in Caramoan :(

Ready to packed up things!

we will miss caramoan!


A quick town tour

St. Michael Church

Souvenir store for pasalubong :)

hoy! hahaha!


at the roof of jeepney! :)

bye bye Caramoan!

At the roof of ferry boat! tatapang oh! hahaha!

When we arrived at Sabang port,the awkward moment for all the passengers. hahaha! We need to ride at the back of porters to get into the shore because it's low tide, the ferry could not land into the port. So, we don't have any choice! hahaha! I gave the porter P20 for that. hahaha! :)

My experience at Caramoan is extra ordinary! Aside from this is the my first out of town, I realized that this will be my goal to search and go to all tourist spots and destinations in the Philippines! I know that there's a lot of beautiful places here :) and I definitely go back in Caramoan!

Travel Date: February 21-22 2011
Travel buddies: Fellow SFC's (Kuya Erwin, Kuya Gary, Philip, Baloy, Felix, Jam, Denz, Roland, Divine, Thet and Van)


  1. thank you bujoyjoy sa blog,, ayos ,, hehehe gawa ka pa ng iba yung mga ibang gala natin lahat hehehe yung bagyo sa zambales astig yun hahahha

  2. hahaha! welcome jam! meron na rin yung sa zambales natin ah! send ko yung link sayo ulit.. hahaha!