Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lucban, Quezon 2013: Kamay ni Hesus

In Catholic Church, Holy week is the last week of Lent and before Easter. For Catholics like me, it's our way of remembering the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who dies for our sins. And this is also the way of others to spend time to their respective families and to travel (yeah!) because it's a long weekend (starts Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday) :). Even I love to spend holidays in traveling, I choose not to go out of town during this season and everyone knows that in this season, there's a lot of tourist everywhere (for some reason, I don't wanna spend a vacation with crowded place). I am a devoted Catholic and this is the way of my sacrifice/fasting :) (Well, I spent holy week last 2011 in Palawan but I made sure that I've practiced doing our tradition). :)

This year, our SFC community planned to go to Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban Quezon to have our yearly Bisita Iglesia every holy week. Last year, we went to different churches within South area of Metro Manila for Bisita Iglesia. We rented a 26-seater bus (Sosyal! hahaha!) to accommodate us going to Lucban, Quezon. Departed at 5:00 am and 4-5 hours travel to Quezon and expected additional hours of travel because we are all aware that tons of people are going also to Kamay ni Hesus to do via crusis. :)

Guess who?? hahahaha

After almost 2 hours, we stop over in a gasoline station for pee time :) hahahaha!

Mei mei and me :)

We continue to travel going to Quezon with videoke on the side.... :)

Alright! hahaha

We arrived at Lucban almost 8:30am and as expected, there's a lot of people and we need to walk almost 1 kilometer going to Kamay ni Hesus gate because the Barangay Tanod didn't allow vehicles nearby the gate.

Walkathon :)

We are blessed to have a good weather that day! :)

We started to fall in line going to the via crusis :)

See the people? hahaha

Kudos to the Philippine Army who assisting the people going up to the hill :)

Noah's ark Park :)

The line! Super!!!

View from below :)

Started our via crusis :)

Almost 11:30am when we finished our via crusis, took pictures on the top and rest for a while. We went down for 30 minutes, rest and had our snacks nearby stores :)

Since it's 12:00 noon, we agreed to have our lunch in Kamayan sa Palaisdaan in Tayabas, Quezon :) We walk again going to our bus and saw this little monkey nearby :)

Arrival at Palaisdaan :)

I'm one of the boys :)

After of our full packed lunch, we went back to our bus and prepare for our departure to Manila :) During the travel, we experienced our bus stops couple of times. I thought it's just like typical stop overs but our driver told us that there's a problem in bus engine. Those numerous times of stop overs, the driver started to check the engine and it takes a minute to fix it. Good thing, a mechanic nearby approached our driver and offer his help, and he's a member of Couples for Christ! Yey!!!! While waiting, we went out of the bus and enjoy the view :)

Kayo na! hahaha!

With the help of super bait mechanic, we arrived in Las Pinas very safe. We are so thankful! I was not able to get his name but whoever you are, God continue to bless you and your family!

In our lives, we are experiencing difficulty and trials, oftentimes, we are blaming God. But through prayers and giving your full trust to Him, you will never be fail. As we experience in this trip, regardless of hopeless we felt those times that our bus had an engine problem and worrying how to get back to Manila safely, we never fail to ask God for His help and guidance. Through our prayers, God answer through sending a mechanic to help our driver to fix the bus. Prayers are the most powerful weapon :)

Travel Date: March 28, 2013
Travel Buddies: SFC Brothers and Sisters :)

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