Friday, April 5, 2013

Sagada 2011

Sagada is one of the most visited tourist spots in the Philippines. For the mountain trekking enthusiast, this must be the place you will enjoy.

Travel for 6 hours from Baguio you can reach Sagada. Quite far right? But in our case, there's a typhoon when went there. It's more adventure?! no! hahaha! This was also our first travel with my Boss (boyfriend, I just call him that :) ) together. Literally, just two of us in a not so familiar place. Hahaha! I planned this travel just a month and with the help of my friend (Gelene), she gave me Sir Louie's number for our accommodation and I got the house for affordable and reasonable price.

We left from Pasay Terminal bound to Baguio via Victory Liner at 10:00pm.

We reached Baguio at exactly 5:00am next day. We took our breakfast along Session Road and proceed to bus terminal going to Sagada.

Ticket for bus going to Sagada

We got the first trip for non-ac bus and left exactly 6:00am. Along the road, I took some picture while my Boss is sleeping. (Tulog mantika talaga! hehehe).

Zero visibility

And arrived at 12:30pm at Sagada :) and meet Sir Louie.

This is the rest house of Sir Louie :)  


He prepared us this :) sweet! Banana Cake and local tea! 

Veranda :) Pines trees everywhere!

fireplace :)

My Boss! <3

Because of non stop rain that afternoon, we decided to rest and sleep first and later on, we will explore the town and the one famous resto in town, Yogurt House  :)

Exploring the town :) 

Inside the weaving :)

fireplace inside the Yogurt house :)

In-house yogurt :)

We went home after that full pack dinner :) The rain is still continuous, we just stay inside the house and sleep early for hoping on next day, the rain will stop.

Our next day is not that lucky, we woke up 5:30am and still raining :(. But Sir Louie offered us for cave tour at Sumaguing Cave and Lumiang cave but we can stay at the entrance only because the local tourist guide will not allow us to explore inside the cave due to bad weather. :(

This tree fell down along the way to Lumiang Cave,  that's why we need to walk :(

Some rice terraces in Sagada

Going to Cave

We just stay at the entrance of cave :(

We walked back to car and go to Lake Danun :) and the rain is non stop!! :(

Passed by in Sagada Pottery. We choose not to go inside :(

at Lake Danum

Ariel (my Boss), Dexter and Sir Louie

We just stay there for a while and head to Burial Cave :)

one of Burial Cave here in Sagada

Went back to house and take a rest, took our dinner that Sir Louie prepared for us. After dinner, since there's no TV or radio, Sir Louie and Dexter (Sir Louie's assistant) and one girl (pardon me, I forgot her name) accompanied us and tell us the story of their tribe (Igorot) and let us hear their local song (Igorot) before we go to sleep. And hoping for a good weather tomorrow :)

Dexter is playing some Igorot songs :)

Sir Louie gave this Map of Tourist spots in Sagada :)
We woke up early to see the Kiltepan view. It's still raining but much lighter than last day. And packed up our things to check out later in that afternoon. 

Went back to house and prepare to check out. When we reach the town, we took our quick lunch. Unfortunately, there's no bus going back to Baguio because of landslide along the way. We went to tourism office and told us there's a alternative way going to Baguio thru Bontoc and Bontoc to Baguio. We passed by in UNESCO World Heritage, the Banaue Rice Terraces. :)

with pig on the side :)

This travel is not that good because of weather but on the other hand, I just appreciated the wonder of Mt. Province, not just the tourist spots but it's history and the people.

Travel Date: August 26-29 2011


  1. Even with the weather, I still enjoy your blogs and pics...awesome!

    1. My friends and I (5 total) are planning to tour Sagada and Banaue coming from Bolinao end of you have a recommendation for lodging? and tips for us old folks:-).

    2. Hi, we stayed in my friend's friend rest house.

  2. k, thanks...I’m looking forward to explore Sagada and Banaue.