Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mt. Batulao 2011

My friend Kring invited me to a day trek at Mt. Batulao with Jesse on first week of September. Transportation  is not a problem because Jesse has his own car and driver, (Ikaw na! hehehe). A night before of trek, the rain poured over, Kring texted and told me if the rain continuous till dawn, we will cancel the hike. I set my alarmed at 3:30am and luckily, there's no rain already! Yey! :) Prepared my packed lunch for trekking and go!!!!

At 5:30am, they fetch me at convenience store and buy hotdog sandwich for breakfast. On the way, we fall asleep and reach Nasugbu Batangas at 7:30am and start trekking at 8:00am.

On our way to Batangas :)

This cow greeted us :) MOooooooo! 

Start of trekking.. :)

Outcome of heavy rain in last few days.. Muddy way.. hahaha!

Kaya ba Dude? hahaha!

Locals riding in horse! hehehe

New trail :)

Okay pa! :)

Smile, for now.. hahaha!

I am wear a white rubber shoes huh! hahahaha!

Dirty! yikes! hahaha!

This view is our reliever :)


Kring and I almost gave up, saying, "Jesse, ayoko ko na!" hahaha!

And finally, after 4 hours of trek, and non stop complaining... hahaha! We reached the top of Batulao :)

I survived Batulao!!!!!

Nice view!

We see also some trekkers :)

Yey! we made it to the top!

Kring, Jesse and me at Mt. Batulao :)

Drama :)

Mountain dew at Mt. Batulao, literally :) 

We took our lunch and enjoying the view. We left after 1 hour together with other trekkers. :) I had fun in this adventure. But for me, trekking is not suitable to me because I have injury in my left knee :(. I had a great time! Meet new friends and strive to reach to the top no matter how tiring and hard it is :)

Travel Date: September 03, 2011

Travel Buddies: Kring and Jesse

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