Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bohol 2012: Day 1 (Countryside Tour)

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Just like last year, right after of ICON (International Conference) of SFC and was held in Bohol, we planned to explore and side trip to one famous destination in country. Oh well, before the conference starts, Philip, Denz, Sol and Kuya Gary arrives earlier and they decided to have a country side tour that morning ,without me?!!!! hahaha! (my flight that day was 1:00pm and as usual, it's delayed and I didn't make it.. envy  :( ) hmmmp!!! So, I will blog our Panglao countryside tour and Island hopping instead!!

Our conference ended as usual at lunch time, we went back to hotel, packed up our things and with us, a CFC Couple Coordinator tita rented a van to have our country side tour at Panglao. We travel less than an hour from Tagbilaran (town proper) to Panglao. :)

Stalagmites :)

According to our guide, those images was made and drawn by the people who lived in the cave long time ago. :)

Group picture :)

It has a cold and clear water inside the cave, (sorry for this shot, little blurred) and stalactites :)

Five wounds unit  ICON delegates (literally five :) )

Group picture part 2! :)

After we explore the cave, we head to Panglao Church. ;)

Panglao Church (with Kuya gary at the middle, hehehe)

Ceiling of the Church

Altar, again with Kuya Gary on the side :)

hahaha :)

According to our driver/tour guide, this ruins was the original church built at the time of  the Spaniards and was destroyed by the pirates. Reconstructed and converted into Shrine :)

Bell Tower (with dwarfs.. hahaha! kiddin' :))

We supposed to have a tour at Eskaya Beach Resort but unfortunately, only member's of resort are allowed to enter. (Whatever! hahaha! :) ) So, we just took picture outside instead :)

After of half day countryside tour, our group (Me, Philip, Kuya Gary, Denz, Sol, Ate Mabs and JP) decided to check in at Beach Rock Resort in Panglao. We just got one big room with 4 double size bed  for all of us! :) We rested for a while, we did not waste our time! We changed clothes and went to beach! :) Philip also looking for a boatman for island hopping and dolphin watching on next day. He bargained  down to P1,500 from P1,800 for 7 pax. :)

Kuya Gary and Denz met a boy who's playing on the sand :)

Sol, Denz and Philip


Philip carrying a large star fish! hahahaha! (photo trick) 

Sunset :)

Stolen shot! hahaha


While we are enjoying and swimming at the beach, we met a foreigner from Spain and he said he really loves the beach of Panglao. :) One of the best beach according to him :)

After of non-stop playing at the beach (just like a kids), we went back to our room, wash up and look for carinderia nearby for our dinner.

Before :)

After :) hahaha

We just bumming around and went to beach shore for chatting and bonding after dinner :)

Pose with Dingdong Dantes :) hahaha!

trying to build a sand castle, and it's fail.. hahaha!

Ended up day 1 with full of fun and fed our mind of country's history :)

Travel date: Feb 19 - 20 2012
Travel Buddies: Philip, Kuya Gary, Denz, Sol, Ate Mabs and JP 

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