Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Camarines Norte 2013: Calaguas

*Bicolandia Getaway 2013: Cagsawa Ruins and Guinobatan*

One of my travel bucket list this 2013 is to explore the unspoiled beaches in the Philippines. I read a lot of travel blogs and type on Google search engine the places where tourists rare to visit. Calaguas is the most and recommended beach and it compares to Boracay's powdery sand.  I searched  how to go to Camarines Norte and blogger's recommended contacts and boatman. I was thinking of availing tour packages for hassle free trip. But I prepared DIY (Do-it-yourself) itinerary and estimated budget for this trip (I always love to do because I can save a lot) and compared it with the rate of tour packages, we saved almost P1,500 to DIY. Since we are tight in budget, we stick to our own itinerary. :) Yey! 

 Despite of long long long hours of travel, it's really worth it when you get in Calaguas. :) Let the photos below described you how we fell in love with Calaguas :)

Departure to Daet :)

We arrived at Calaguas at 11:00am and after of 2 hours calm boat ride, we prepare our lunch :)

boodle fight lunch! FIGHT! hahaha

We rest a while after lunch and changed our beach attire for bumming!

Tents are everywhere since there's no hotel or comfy accommodation :)

Please forgive my toes :) hahaha

It's weekend and little crowded :)

When the darkness conquered the whole place and by the way,  there's no electricity also in the island :)  After dinner, we went to beach. I made some paper lanterns beforehand to light our night at the shore. :) There are some passing by tourist taking photos with our paper lanterns :)

3 ladies tourist passed by and requested to take pictures with the lanterns :)

We continue to swim at the beach and enjoy star gazing :) We washed up and lights out! :)

I wake up early to hiking at the nearby mountain but unfortunately, my friends are still asleep and I don't want to hike alone, I decided to stroll along the stretch of sea shore that morning :)
Good morning Calaguas!

oh! banana boat???

While taking photos, I noticed this three domestic dogs playing and enjoying at the shore. :) 

This dog managed to take a short deep into the water :)
When I went back to our tent, my friends were in their swimming attire and enjoy the morning at the beach :) I chose not to swim that morning because it's so hard for me to washed up. There's a water supply in the island. It's poso. Sorry but I'm not that comfortable to washed up in the poso and I find hard to changed clothes in the small cottage.. SO SORRY!

It's 11:00am when we depart in Calaguas. We had a great time and definitely I will return to paradise, Calaguas! :) Hoping that locals and tourists will preserve the natural beauty of Calaguas :)

How to get there:

Calaguas is an island located in the province of Camarines Norte. There are two ways to get there by motorboat:
 1. Daet via Paracale (1 hour travel time from Daet which we choose as our jump off point and 2 hours motor boat ride) and
 2.Vinzons (15 minutes from Daet, 3 hours motor boat ride to Calaguas). 

The travel time from Manila to Daet is approximately of 10 hours bus ride. There are bus lines where their route is straight to Paracale (11 hours)

Travel Buddies: Gelene and my sister Jing and her boyfie Marvin
Travel Date: May 17-19 2013


  1. yay! i love calaguas! congrats on your bucket list strikethrough. :) following you..

    1. oh thanks apple!I'm a fan of your blog (especially your travel blog) :) Your Camiguin post was my guide when I was planning our trip there last year :) I love calaguas too! I am planning to go there maybe next year! medyo bitin yang travel nmin eh! I hope it will remain unspoiled :) Sana rin makasama tayo sa isang trip! :)thanks for dropping by :)


  3. Hi...thanks for sharing your experience in Calaguas.
    I'm so amazed with your lanterns...
    Is it okay to ask how you made it? Thanks.

    1. Hi! Thank you! Actually I forgot how I did the lanterns. Haha. Pero you can search sa google how to make :)