Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ilocos 2012: Day 1 (Vigan, Baluarte and Paoay)

*Ilocandia Getaway 2012: Day 02*

We decided to pursue this trip after holyweek because we're very sure that plenty of tourist will went to their own vacation. This was the first trip with my very good college friends, Gelene and Jacks. Together with Jack's friends, Nicko, Joan, and Jacky (Jack's twin sister), we will invaded Ilocandia! Good thing that Allizon (Jacky's boyfriend) let us stay on their family house in Batac, Ilocos Norte for the trip. Yey! Our accomodation is FREE!!!! :)

We met at Starmall Alabang at 8:30pm and head to Sampaloc, Manila for the 9 hours bus ride going to Ilocos :).

When I woke up, a lady sell me with this. I don't know what is this called but it's extremely delicious!
I think this was the last stop over. I was sleeping during the entire trip! hahaha

It's 7:00am when we arrived at Allizon's house. Good thing that the house is located along the road and just in front of  Mariano Marcos State University (actually, he's also graduated in this school). Greeted by his family and let us feel at home! :)

They prepared a breakfast for us! So sweet!
Scrambled eggs and malunggay pandesal!!! yum!

After the breakfast, we proceed to Vigan, Ilocos Sur. It takes 2 hours ride from Batac to Vigan. Allizon use their car as our transpo going around the places. :) Yey!!!!

It's almost 11:00am when we arrived at Vigan, we decided to take our lunch first and explore the Vigan! 

Sorry lang, I'm super HUNGRY! lol
Lunch aftermath. lol

Kalesa :)

The famous Calle Crisologo :)

With Nicko :)

Selfie :)

And we head to Baluarte owned by Congressman Chavit Singson.

After touring around the Baluarte, we rested for a while and went back to Batac. On our way back, Allizon told us to go to nearby beach where he and his family and friends spend holidays or in their free days.

We stayed at the beach just a couple of minutes and head to Paoay Church :)


We headed back to Allizon's place, wash up and had a quick dinner ang hang out in nearby town and try their fried empanada!

Spell, HAGGARD. hahaha

We are all amazed the way the Ilocanos do the empanada. :) 

Starving.. hahahaha!
Ate is making empanada while you wait!
Tadddaaa! Ilocos Empanada! yumm!!
nga nga! lol
After of non stop eating and food tripping, we stroll around the area and home sweet home for tomorrow long drive destination! 

Travel Buddies: Gelene, Jacks, Jacky, Nicko, Joan and Allizon
Travel Date: April 13-15 2012

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