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Zambales 2011: Day 1 (Philip's Birthday)

Zambales: Day 2

Last June 2011, we are agreed to go to Nagsasa Cove as per request of the birthday boy, Philip :) This is the first time to go on camp! Sleeping on tent! Excited! :)

Our call time was 5am and when everybody's arrived, we rode a jeepney going to Starmall Alabang. :) We looked for the ATM to withdraw cash for the trip.
On board..

Holdap toh! hahaha!
We rode a jeepney again going to Victory Liner in Pasay via Skyway :)

Upon arriving at bus terminal, we bought our ticket going to Iba, Zambales :)

Sad si Philip :) hahaha

Seatmate! :)

Jacky and Tethet :)
More or less 2 hrs of travel, we arrived at Pampanga, first stop :) We took breakfast and sip a coffee :)

the girls :)

the boys :)

We went back to the bus and sleep for the remaining hours to Iba :)

Arrived at Iba Terminal

Unfortunately, due to heavy rain, the boatman texted Philip that they will not allow us to go to Nagsasa Cove due to high waves. Then Philip asked us if we go back to Manila but we suggest to push through our trip even we will gonna stay in beach resort somewhere in Pundaquit. We took a bus going to San Antonio :)

After an hour, we are here!!

We went to wet market to buy some fresh pork, rice, salted egg, fried fish (tuyo), uling and snacks for our food. We rode a tricycle going to Pundaquit for 30 mins :)

We arrived first at Kuya Resty's (the boatman) place to cook for our lunch, he allow us to use their cooking materials and utensils! So generous! :) And we start cooking, I assigned to cook rice. I advised Thet to accompanied Jacky (it's her first time to see beach for her entire life :) ) to go to seashore and watched over the rice for a while.  Because of the excitement to see the beach, I forgot to return for the rice! hahaha! Sorry for that Thet :) After we took our early lunch, we proceed to beach resort :) 

When we arrived at resort, we did not waste our time and change our clothes for swimming, play volleyball, and go to nearby falls and swim at the beach for the entire afternoon!

From L-R: Felix, Thet, Denz, Baloy, me, Nilo, Rhonz, Kuya Gary and Philip :)

We cooked for dinner and honoring the birthday boy!

It was bit disappointed but it's fun!!! with friends teasing and running around! I feel like a kid! hahaha!
Day 2 is next!!! :)

Travel Date: June 20-21 2011
Travel Buddies: Philip (the birthday boy), Nilo, Roland, Kuya Gary, Felix, Baloy, Jam, Denz, Rhonz, Thet, and Jacky

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