Friday, June 27, 2014

Talisay City, Negros Occidental 2014 : The RUINS

The Ruins is the most visited tourist spot and must-see in Negros now. They called it as "Taj Mahal of Negros" because the story behind is almost like the story of Taj Mahal of India. It was renovated and restored and turned into one of the tourist spot in Negros.

My cousins, Kuya Pao and Louie accompanied us for that day tour (The Ruins and Mambukal). They fetch us in our house and visited first my Lola :)
My cousins, Louie and Kuya Pao visited Lola before head to The Ruins :)
On our way to The Ruins from La Carlota City :)

When we reached Bacolod, we just passed by the newly constructed City Hall of Bacolod. :)

We arrived at The Ruins at around 10:00 am and look for Kuya Roger, the famous in-house guide and took a picture with him :) He's so approachable and charming :) We paid P 80 for entrance fee :)
Star Struck :)

I personally requested him to be our in-house guide that day :) He didn't refused and he granted. :)

Original tiles 

They have also souvenir store :)

How to get there:

Take a cab/jeepney (P8.50) with a route of "Libertad-Bata" fro Bacolod City. Tell the driver you will go to The Ruins and drop you at the street to Goldencrest Village in Barangay Bata. The nearest landmark is Pepso Bottling Plant. From the street of Goldencrest Village, look for the tricycle and tell the driver you're going to The Ruins (P10).

Travel Date: April 20,2014
Travel Buddies: Jing, Marvin, Kuya Pao and Louie


  1. I love how you are able to capture the details of these structures in your photos. I have seen other people document these ruins and the pictures are not as detailed as yours.

    1. Wow :) thank you for appreciating my pictures :)

  2. Hi, I’m so amazed with your blogs so detail and the pics are awesome! May I know what type of camera did you use?

    1. hi :) thank you :) Most of my photos I used Canon 1000d :) Some are camera phone :)

    2. Thanks...great pics.